Surgeons that perform plastic surgery often offer cosmetic and reconstructive services, too. Cosmetic surgery is elective and focuses on improving a person’s appearance. Therefore it is not usually covered by insurance.

Reconstructive surgery improves the function and appearance of abnormal structures of the body that are caused by birth defects, infection, trauma, developmental abnormalities, tumors, infection, or disease. This type of surgery is often covered by insurance because it's used to treat medical-based problems.

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Reconstruct Surgery Procedures

Here is a look at some typical reconstruction procedures.

Breast Reduction Doctors

This procedure is also known as reduction mammaplasty and removes extra skin, glandular tissue, and breast fat. Many patients seek this treatment to reduce the discomfort that abnormally large breasts cause and to make them more proportional to their body.

Extremely large breasts cause emotional and physical problems with patients as they struggle with pain and mental health problems brought on by macromastia (overly large breasts).

Usually, this surgery is for medical reasons, but people without symptoms may be unhappy with the size of the breasts and elect for the surgery because of aesthetic reasons. Patients request breast reduction surgery for wardrobe problems and the humiliation that they suffer socially.

Breast Reconstruction Doctors

This term is used to describe the procedures performed to restore breast shape after a mastectomy, congenital deformities, or lumpectomy. Patients may require reconstruction of one or both breasts. If only one breast is reconstructed, a reduction, augmentation, or lift may help with the position, shape, and size of both breasts. This process involves several procedures and happens in stages.

Reconstruction of the breasts is typically categorized as flap reconstruction or implant-based. Flap reconstruction (autologous) uses tissue from the patient’s own body to create a new breast, while implant-based uses breast implants to make a new mound.

Several factors should be considered:

  • The type of mastectomy
  • Patient’s body type
  • Cancer treatments

Hand Surgery Doctors

This type of reconstructive surgery treats diseases that cause problems with the function, flexibility, and strength of your fingers and wrist as well as alleviate the pain they cause. Often, these abnormalities are caused by birth defects, disease, or trauma.

Hand surgery treats:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis- a disabling autoimmune disease that causes very severe inflammation in joints all over the body. No joint is unaffected by it, and in the hands, it can cause extreme crippling and impairment.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome- This disorder is caused by pressure on the median nerve within the carpal tunnel/wrist. It’s associated with retaining fluid during pregnancy, repetitive motion, rheumatoid arthritis, or injury to the nerve. Symptoms include aching, pain, tingling, numbness in the fingers, or weakness.
  • Dupuytren’s contracture- a hand condition that can form bands of thick, scar tissue in the palm. These bands may extend into the fingers, abnormally bend the fingers, and restrict their movement.

Cleft Palate and Lip Repair Doctors

These surgeries correct abnormal development problems of the mouth and lip to correct their function and appearance. They are the most common abnormalities of children all around the world and occur early in fetal development. Sometimes a syndrome can contribute to these abnormal developments.

However, usually, the cause is unknown.

Cleft lip or palate (the incomplete formation and growth of the lip or roof of the mouth) can both occur together or individually. The severity of these issues vary depending on each specific case. The only way to treat either is surgery.

The majority of clefts are repairable by plastic surgery procedures and help improve the patient’s breathing, speaking, hearing, and eating abilities. Treatment is also incredibly important for social reasons. Children with these deformities often can’t breastfeed or require specialized equipment and care. Each surgery is unique to the individual and helps the child grow and develop normally.

Early intervention is critical and involves a team of multiple specialists that often include:

  • Social workers
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Psychologists
  • Pediatricians
  • Genetic counselors
  • Pediatric Dentists
  • Speech pathologists
  • Orthodontists
  • Hearing or auditory specialists
  • Otolaryngologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Lactation specialists

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Here are some typical cosmetic surgery procedures.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Doctors

There are many facial cosmetic surgery procedures used to enhance the appearance of your face.

  • Rhinoplasty- Also called a nose job, this is the reshaping of the nose to enhance appearance, and it can also help breathing issues.
  • Blepharoplasty- This procedure is eyelid surgery that reshapes the eyelids by firming them up or correcting lower eyelid bags. Surgery on your eyelids may be for appearance only, for functional reasons, or both.
  • Chin augmentation- This surgery aims to provide more symmetry for facial features and make the chin appear more prominent. Sometimes this is done along with a rhinoplasty, and the surgeon may manipulate the chin bone or use a prosthetic implant.

Body Procedures

Abdominoplasty firms and reshapes the abdomen. Excess fat and skin are removed from the lower and middle abdomen to tighten the fascia and muscles of the abdominal wall. Many patients choose surgery after losing weight or pregnancy.

Buttock augmentation is a body contouring procedure that makes the buttocks large, thus enhancing their appearance. A surgeon may liposuction fat from somewhere else on that patient’s body or use silicone implants.

Botox Doctors

Botox was approved in the 1980s by the FDA to treat muscle spasms first. It’s the brand name for the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.

Botox is used in a variety of cosmetic procedures to enhance your appearance. It treats facial creases and wrinkles and blocks nerve signaling to the muscles that its injected in. Injections of Botox ensure that the muscle can’t tighten or contract as forcefully, therefore, relaxing the muscle. Botox treats frown lines, lines surrounding the eyes, crow’s feet, and axillary hyperhidrosis.

Chemical Peel Doctors

Chemical peels treat wrinkles, acne, pockmarks, and scars. There are several active agents available for use.

  • AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids- Fruit, lactic, or glycolic acids are used to treat the outer layers of the skin. These acids are considered a light peel.
  • TCSs or Trichloroacetic Acid- This is a medium peel that penetrates the dermis to affect deeper layers. Pain and recovery take longer than lighter acids
  • Phenol Peel- This is the deepest peel and causes skin lightening and scarring. It has the most significant effect on skin resurfacing.